Friday, 8 May 2009


Yet again. Put up with it, because this is actually a good one.

Spotted: Sreesanth and Bhaji making up while Joseph Fritzl has put on a few pounds in the background.

"You're awesome."

"No, you're awesome."

"No, you're awesome."


Rayden said...

Why o Why o Why is Sreesanth back. The worst part is Harbhajan is acting all goody goody nowadays so there is no one to put Sreesanth at his place. Hayden tried today by saying Sree was overrated but just talk won't stop Sree from acting like a clown.

Amy said...

Sreesanth reminds me of the little midget who attempts running into the big bloke, but finds himself hitting steel abs. Despite the injury, he tries again, like the idiot he is.