Tuesday, 12 May 2009

When cricket became cool

Gone are the days of having scheduled tea breaks, of being proper gentlemen, of eating your lunch at exactly 1 o'clock and no later please. Gone are the days of nodding your head slightly at your opposition to express the tense rivalry between your two teams and growing a moustache to emulate cricketers of old.

Chris Lewis is making cricket cool. You can have made your living from cricket and then turned around and smuggled a shitload of cocaine into the country in cans of fruit and vegetable juice. You can eat your lunch at 1:01 and maybe even chew on it a bit as you're walking back onto the food. You can slap the opposition, or even a mentally retarded team mate, and you don't have to be a gentleman about it either.

Anything is possible, thanks to Chris Lewis. What's more, he did cricketers the good grace of carried the aforementioned drugs in a cricket bag. Now that's really cool. If you thought Olympic athletes, football players and basketballers were the only sportspeople deserving of such controversies, think again.

He says he didn't do it, but that's just irrelevant.

So very cool.

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