Saturday, 9 May 2009

Dhoni's sex appeal

Just for Maithreyi:

Tishani Doshi, the strange Welsh Indian, talks Dhoni and sex and grandmas, all in the same sentence.

Are you flustered yet?


12th Man said...

Bloody Welsh woman and her page3 stuff.

I wonder why cricinfo call it page 2.

Its a disgrace.

Esra_Star said...

Has Cricinfo lost the plot? Tishani Doshi, the White Mischief Girls blog... lucky some bloggers are still bringing us the class! :P

Morne is sex on a stick. said...

Morne is the sex god. He got all the looks in the family!!!!

Lulu said...

Flustered? More nauseous.

Diggin' that "fondness for milk and dogs."

richie_141 said...

Yeah, I pondered that for a while too... I think something's wrong with me, cos the mental images I have regarding MS, milk and dogs are truly, truly disturbing. More disturbing than Jacques Kallis striking at over 100. Yuh huh, that bad.

Anonymous said...

amy where are you? albie stikes.

Sam said...

Tishani doshi's comments doesnt matter in cricket context.

Sam said...

Btw Albie got rid of Naman Ojha in 1st over and almost got Smith 1st ball :)

Amy said...

12th, Cricinfo are going to be plugging her for the rest of the tournament. Hurray.

Esra, yes, I do believe the Love Saga posts are all class.

MISOAS, ha! I'd go Dhoni over Morne any day.

Lulu, oh yeah, milk and dogs. You can't go past it.

Richie, I'm still wondering about the milk on its own, but when you combine milk with dogs it's so much worse.

Anon, I was watching the game in a slightly delusional state.

Sam, that was the highlight of the match, really it was. Captain against Albie. Who will prevail? Almost Albie.

Maithreyi said...

Sorry for not commenting earlier (my Internet just up and died after I saw this post - SIGN OF OMINOUS THINGS TO COME?) but it's been resurrected now, so yay. And thank you! I will wipe off my drool now.

Seriously speaking, I've enjoyed Ms. Doshi's articles on CI so far - but now she seems to be seriously suffering from a lack of topics to ramble about (HOW??). And, of course, I will love her for ever for this one. :-D

I remember having one of her essays as part of my Compulsory Reading in my last year of high school - not only is she Welsh people, but she has also adventured in ANTARTICA. Not a woman to be trifled with. A fact that hundreds of Indian seventeen year olds can attest to every year.

Amy said...

Wait, what is this? Exactly how popular a writer is she if her works are part of a school syllabus?

Also, I've been to Antarctica too. Bet nobody knew that.