Saturday, 16 May 2009

How We Won The Ashes

I've been busy looking for that rather irritating Weetbix ad in which Michael Slater provides commentary on a woman buying Weetbix in a supermarket before Tony Greig tucks into a bowl of Weetbix like the annoying man he is. Watching that makes me miss the WB ads of old.

I couldn't find the great ad of the Aussie cricketers sitting at a table going through how many Weetbix they each do (an ad from a few years ago, I think - one of the cricketers must have said he eats 10 Weetbix), but I did find this, and that is when I realised what made us win the Ashes:

It turns out the ugly brown-haired kid on the right of the frame at the start of that ad is supposed to be Michael Hussey.

But it's pretty obvious that if you cut our cricketers off from their ready supply of Weetbix, they will inevitably lose the Ashes.

Another ad for the 2007 Ashes tells us it's Richie Benaud who makes us win:

If that's how they marketed the Ashes back then, what on earth will they do without so many of our "Extraordinary XI"?

I still maintain it's the Weetbix that does it.


missjane said...

if that's true, it's worrying that the current weetbix ad has no actual cricketers in it. is this a sign that none of them eat weetbix?? or praps they just over-invested in brett lee and can't afford the others.

i haveta say, that Ashes ad gave me chills then and it does now. i realise this is tragic, and i'm not sure if its because i am such a tragic cricket fan, or just really well trained to respond to epic imagery and music, even just in ads. altho ponting's 'visionary' look is pretty funny :)

Amy said...

It is a good ad, at least for the purposes it intends to achieve. Maybe because it seems to be modelled on those Olympics ads, only with a lot more humour.

Sanitarium have always over-invested in Brett Lee. If you were a young kid, you'd be forgiven for thinking he's our best bowler if you saw their ads.