Monday, 11 May 2009


From the dark recesses of Q's Gay Cricketers File Folder, Spotted: Something to scare the shit out of your future children.


Rayden said...

I think Harbhajan is tired of acting like a nice guy for almost a year now. Today he criticized Sreesanth for sledging Hayden after he gave away so many runs in the match. Also went on about how he didnt know what his role was in Mumbai Indians etc etc etc. Well I thought his role was to spin the ball, contain the runs, pick some wickets and field well. Tendulkar must be a really bad captain if he did not inform all that to Bhajji yet.

Q said...

Dark recesses? :-)

Amy said...

Rayden, I believe it was necessary to write that down on paper in order for Harbhajan to understand. Sometimes you have to repeat things three times before he realises what you're talking about.

Q, why of course. I know all about your collection of such photos.