Saturday, 2 May 2009

Can Chennai do it?

It's almost a rematch but nobody can take AB's hundred away from him.

Chennai vs. Delhi.

AB is now the third highest scoring batsman in the competition, last I checked. I might have changed since then, I couldn't care less. He's in the top 5 with a bunch of legendary batsmen. I bet Jesus made it happen.

Albie is looking in form after that last match. He could barely hit a four in that match where he desperately needed to, but last match he was able to get one off his first and only ball. Then he went on to bowl superbly as well. Tonight might be his night.

CSK's chances of winning will be a whole lot higher if Sehwag and Gambhir have yet another brain explosion early on in the innings. What are the chances of them failing again?

I'm just looking forward to seeing Albie take AB's wicket as revenge.


rahul said...

The last time they played, Albie performed as if he had match-fixed. First he dropped a dolly of AB, then he scored 13 from 14 whilst his team was falling 9 runs short, and finally came in the way of Gony and played a big part in his run out.

Esra_Star said...

Bloody Jesus and AB. Lets hope Albie has his equivilant of Jesus (Amy ?) on his side tonight.

Amy said...

Rahul, it was shameful. He didn't even seem to be really into the game. Half the time he offloaded the strike to lesser batsmen.

Esra, I am Jesus. Thank you for noticing.

raj said...

Ooh....what chances God Sehwag and Feisty kid Gambhir fail yet again? Zero Percent.
What chances the Jesus-Powered Ultra-Fit All-Purpose Machine, also called AB by affectionate fans such as this blogger, and ABCD by half-witted, semi-clad TV presenters - what chance that this person doesnt repeat his superman act again? Zero percent.
And then there are Dilshan, Nannes, and the intellectual bespectacled nerd to deal with. And if one of them cannot play, there will be the all time great medium fast man to deal with.

Which mad man or woman dares to bet against Delhi today? Not me. If I were a bookmaker, I would withdraw all bets on this match, because Delhi winning is a sure event. We in India cannot bet legally. So, Amy, if you can go and place your life's savings on Delhi. Atleast you'll have some thing to cheer at the end of the match today that way :-)
It would be nice if the RR-DC match is rained off, too. It is just getting tedious to watch RR matches, and seeing them somehow stumbling to win some matches, and then somehow putting together an ugly run and end up with the trophy. And I'm in no mood to watch another Mass Murder by the G2 firm.

Amy said...

Wait a minute, when you say "this blogger" are you talking about me or youself? Because, if anything, I am not an affectionate AB fan.

But Delhi really is loaded with good players. That makes me nervous, but I have a secret. I will be on the field today, sabotaging Delhi plans. Just watch.