Friday, 8 May 2009

Crikey O'Reilly!

That is what Mark Nicholas would say if he'd been in England yesterday. Because miraculously, through the good help of my dear friend Onions, England have bowled the West Indies out for 152 and even enforced a follow on.

Onions' 5/38 did it. And that too, on debut. Never mind that the last sentence rhymed, just let Onions bask in the glory of proving all his very punny critics wrong. He doesn't make you weep, he makes you jump for joy. If you're a pom, that is. The cool West Indians are shaking in their boots at the sight of Graham.

My only question is, if Graham Onions is over there, who is in my house making my eyes water? If this were a Hitchcock film, a shadow would fall across my shoulder, of dear granny with a knife. And perhaps an onion skewered on the end of it.

dun... dun... DUN


12th Man said...

Like we said, Onions has made the Windies (and Gayle) cry.

Amy said...

I've seen about 10 different headlines in the past day making Onions jokes. If I see another one, I'll cry.

Okay, I'm no better. So sue me.