Friday, 8 May 2009

Hughesy at it again

Another century, another day for Phil Hughes.

His 3rd ton out of 4 innings. WTF. This man will singlehandedly win us the Ashes, I tell you. Combine him with Mitchell Johnson and we don't even need the rest of the team.

I suppose he isn't even old enough to be called a "man". I mean, if I'm calling people like Sybrand and Napoleon little kids, surely Phil is a little kid too? But he's manned up far more than other wankers have so I suppose he deserves that title.

I hope Andrew Strauss is watching Phil on TV and feeling VERY SCARED. Because he is quite scary, especially some of his shots. He tries things even No. 11s wouldn't. Difference is, he pulls them off.


12th Man said...

It was Hughes and Mitchell who won you the test series in SA while the rest of the team continued to play like sh*t.

Katich and Clarke chipped in at times, but it was Mitchell (with the bat and the ball) and Hughesy who did it for Aus.

Amy said...

They can probably do it again too. Great stuff.

Kato and Clarke were too busy being at each other's throats to pay full attention to the game. Literally.

GoodCricketWicket said...

Haven't you heard?

Lord Vaughan of Silverdale has won the Ashes already. The series will be played out merely in order to fulfill various broadcasting contracts.

Amy said...

Delusional, my dear friend, delusional.