Tuesday, 12 May 2009

The Future Of Switch-Hitting And Umpire Referrals

Is in the hands of the ICC committee. Over two days, they're going to delve into the nitty gritty of cricket and come out with the answers to some all-important questions, including the meaning of life, which is 42 if you don't already know.

The umpire referral system seems to be the main focus but they will also discuss the possibility of imposing a maximum weight for bats, day-night Tests and switch-hitting. The last time KP tried this, he got out. It was glorious. After the first few times he tried it, back in the days, he told Nasser Hussain he'd been practising the shot for ages before he'd actually tried it in an actual game, that there was a "method to my madness." Not against Daniel Vettori, unfortunately. Someone needs to mail him a tape of that delivery, it was the highlight of the game.

Some of the questions the committee will be considering:

- Was the number of overall incorrect umpiring decisions reduced?
- Was there an undue negative influence on the pace of the game?
- Was it fair to ask the players to request a referral?
- What was the effect on the umpires and was the authority of the on-field officials unduly compromised?

Yes, yes, maybe and yes.

Even some of the yes answers don't have positive effects on the game. There is a way to involve technology in this game, and I believe it rests in the players not protesting every out decision and doubting the judgement of umpires. Instead, the use of perhaps more communication between the third umpire and the on-field umpires would be a better option.

We'll see. Meanwhile, KP is busy perfecting that switch-hit of his. But there's one person in the world who could play it better than he does.

"Me. BOO!"


Anonymous said...

Is it customary to refer to AB/Albie/Sybrand/Einstein in every post of yours?

Amy said...

Only on Tuesdays, cupcake.

I do think Sybrand could play the shot better than KP, but after seeing some of his recent antics, I reckon Eoin Morgan might be the man to go to.

Anonymous said...

Playing an eccentric shot is of no good if you don't get the maximum reward for the risk taken.

Unfortunately Eoin Morgan just earned a single for that.

Deepak said...

How did Sybrand end up playing cricket with a name like that? Its amost as good as Roelof.

I think we need to give them call center names like to anglicise it.

Amy said...

12th, one day he'll play that shot and get a boundary. Then you'll love him.

Deepak, I once talked to a very lovely person named "Julia" who told me all about the weather in India but failed to tell me her real name. It was the reason we never became friends, but I often look back upon that phone conversation and wonder.