Sunday, 10 May 2009

Ijaz Butt & PCB go crazy

Their words, not mine:

"Fight for its right as a co-host". They're not just protesting the supposed unfairness of the decision, they want their co-host status back.

What bullshit. There's basically only place I stand on this issue and it isn't hard to guess. I'm sure they wouldn't be making this rather outlandish claim if, say, a Sri Lankan player had died in Lahore. It could have happened, and it was the sacrifices of some brave Pakistani men who saved them. Sacrifices, you see. Real sacrifices of their lives.

Which is why this angers me even more. Forget for a moment that you're supposedly being discriminated against, that the ICC is out to get you, and consider the simple fact of the matter that you are honestly asking the world's best cricketers to come round to your place a few years after some of their own were attacked, and when you don't seem to have put into place any real security measures to counteract possible terrorist attacks in the future.

Get your shit together and then we'll talk. Achettup says it all.

Ricky Ponting's already sent his letter to the ICC:

"If you give it back to Pakistan I am not going to play, mate. What a load of crap, I'm sure everyone agrees with me especially Pup he's a good fella even though he always copies me when I back out of things like the IPL. I backed out first he just copied me."
Right you are, Ricky.

Coming to eat you.


Anonymous said...

Insane and incredibly bullshit from the Butt and his gang. They have really gone bonkers and attempting to hit wrong balls for six instead they are getting their stumps broken!!

Amy said...

Very pertinent analogy. I like it.

Anonymous said...

Let them first fight terrorism.

They can then fight the ICC in the court.

Amy said...