Friday, 1 May 2009

Sybrand Engelbrecht Talks

You heard right. My best friend has spoken and I have now heard his pre-pubescent voice.

Alright, maybe it's a little deeper than that, but Sybrand Engelbrecht doesn't hold back in this interview. He really lets his evil ambidextrous side out and reveals to us his origins in a planet far far away.

"You're not from Cape Town originally. Just tell us where you're from?"
You'd think Sybrand would respond to that with "I am from the planet Krypton" but he is keeping his real identity a secret for now.

Sybrand tells us that he has "started surfing a bit". Interesting.

And we find out what kind of all-rounder he really is. Bowling all-rounder, by the way. If only fielding all-rounders existed, I'm sure he'd be the best in the world. Even better than AB, because as of yet, AB can't bowl.

"My dad once told me that hard work never goes unnoticed."
What's that? Isn't Jor-El usually a little more cryptic thsn that?

Just when you think you've weathered the worst of it and you're nearing the end of the interview, Sybrand explodes and reverts to his native tongue to send secret messages over the airwaves to his family back in Krypton. Little does he know the planet is done for.



rhoe said...

Oh my, I cant stop laughing. He looks such a strange creature. What's that he said under his pic, Amy?? HAHA...

Amy said...

Don't know, some alien language he was using to communicate with warships to invade Earth.