Friday, 1 May 2009

How much does Morne want to play?

It's Morne Morkel I'm talking about this time, in his articles/diary entries for Sports Illustrated. Case in point:

Obviously I would like to get my first game for the Royals but unfortunately onlyfour overseas players can play and at the moment they are going with the extra batsman. So I will just have to wait and see. It is very frustrating at the moment.


I hope I get a chance to play. It’s been rather frustrating not to play, but I respect the fact that there can only be four ‘overseas’ players in the team. Hopefully thepitch assessment goes in my favour and I get the call-up.


There is no point in changing the team for Chennai cos then they have to start out all over again.

The wicket was quite bouncy last night; I would have enjoyed bowling on there. I can't see them changing the side. They need to get the wiinning streak from the momentum they had last night and they need to build on that. My best bet is to wait it out until Dimitri Mascarenhas goes back to England.

I'm surprised he isn't formulating evil plans to get a game. But did that Kamran Khan injury have something to do with a little Morne voodoo magic from the sidelines?


rhoe said...

hmm.. if he can sabotage his brother, nothing and no one is sound. I vote yes on the KK voodoo.

Amy said...

I bet Morne keeps some sort of diary somewhere where he ticks off each day he doesn't get a game. "Still no game today... sigh."

The MG said...

He could always go have a chat with Colly and McGrath...

Amy said...

Maybe they'd have a tea party for everyone who hasn't gotten a match yet in the tournament.