Friday, 1 May 2009

Kamran Khan Reported

It was going to happen. Homer is first on the case, finding an article which details the latest scandal which was bound to happen.
After the Rajasthan Royals match against Chennai Super Kings yesterday, on-field umpires Rudi Koertzen and Gary Baxter felt Kamran had a suspect illegal bowling action on certain deliveries. After the match was over, footage was obtained and examined by all the three umpires, including TV umpire Amish Saheba, and they felt further action was necessary under the MCC&aposs Laws of Cricket section 24/3 that governs the game.

Funny Gary Baxter felt qualified enough to notice something like this after numerous shocking decisions yesterday.

The chucking claim was always going to land on Kamran, and now it has.


Prafs said...

it's sad but true,
it might be difficult for him if the biomechanics test prove that he's chucking
He's still young enough to make adjustments in his action if required

Amy said...

That's the only positive thing about it. Compare it to Ajmal, who's got far less of a chance if he's found to be a chucker.