Sunday, 3 May 2009

Lalit the Leech

You'd think the DLF IPL group would be content with making demands and leeching off South Africans for everything from grounds to stands to suites. But no, they have one more step to go. Apparently during the CSK vs. DD match at the Wanderers yesterday, the IPL insisted on charging the drinks provider a pouring charge of $40,000.

So in order to continue selling alcohol at the ground as they have done for years now, Events Management was required to cough up $40k and then go about selling beers.

If I had freeloading guests like this making demands in my house I'd kick them onto the street and let Lalit Modi be murdered by Jo'burg's rather unseemly people.

The IPL threatened to ban the sale of alcohol at the Wanderers if the pouring fee wasn't paid. In response, some senior Gauteng cricket board executives didn't attend the game in protest, and rightly so. However, I highly doubt this will change the IPL's collectively evil mind.

According to SA Breweries, they make R6 profit per beer, and in order to cover the cost of the $40k pouring fee, they'd have to sell 56,134 beers in the 8 matches.

Logic tells me that if another country was kind enough to open its doors to you for a last minute change in a major sporting tournament, you wouldn't fuck with their businesses and attempt to assert your authority and control over everything.

But of course, the IPL doesn't even know what logic is.


Q said...

Why am I not surprised.. If Lalit had his way he'd even charge the security guards to pay for protecting people at the ground..

Amy said...

Or charge people for using the bins?