Sunday, 3 May 2009

Success is not really success

We've already had to put up with the various "Citi moments of success" and the almost confusion surrounding exactly what it is.

But now it's not just a Citi moment of success. In fact, Danny Morrison has gone so far as to completely rebrand the notion of success itself. If only there was someone on the side of the original idea of "success", perhaps Citi could be taken to court for attempting to claim all success as its own.

"And that's a moment of success, thanks to Citi."

So Citi is now handing out these moments of success. If you believe in self-determination, Citi is crushing that with the palm of its hand.

I fear for the future, and the commercialisation of any and all moments of success.


Sam said...

we already know that citi needs further $10 bn to revive itself totally. i guess the commentators here wud hv screamed the same 10 bn times...

irritating stuff moreso Danny Morrison!!

Amy said...

It's also easier to talk about Citi moments of success because even if you forget it in the excitement of a wicket, you can come back a second later and say, "Now that was a real Citi moment of success."

Citi are onto something. DLF and their maximums are not, although commentators are starting to say DLF Maximums more instinctively now.

rhoe said...

I've heard some of them just saying.. "And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a D-L-F." and "Can he get a D-L-F off this ball?" I mean, WTF?? Its quite annoying. :(