Friday, 15 May 2009

The Secret Life of Jaques

What he says:
"It is obviously very disappointing. I suppose I have lost my contract because I've had injuries this past year. All I want to do is get back on the park. When I am fit and healthy I will put scores on the board, I know that."

What he's thinking:
"Kill Phil."

It could be a movie, if Uma Thurman were willing to take part. A hunt between the two Phils. How dare a midget he once gave handy batting tips to take his contract?

In this situation, I'm going to have to side with Phil Hughes, but let's not forget that Jaques is a martyr in his own right. Remember the Shield match against the Inbreds in January? You might remember it for Phil Hughes' 151, but that day his team mate was out there struggling for his team too. It was Phil Jaques, ever the hero adorned with a back brace:
"I was under the influence of cortisones. I was pretty desperate to get back on the park, and I wanted to do what was right by the team - Matthew Hayden was injured."

So while I do feel for poor Phil Jaques, especially as he's done the Blues a whole lot of good, there's always the fact to consider that at least Hughesy's back isn't fucked. And at the end of the day, that's what it comes down too.

Although, the folks at CA must have had a hard night of drinks before they picked some of the central contract players. It's not so much who they picked, but who they chose over another or chose to omit.

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