Friday, 15 May 2009


At least Albie bowled well.


If only he'd batted well, the fuckhead.

Hayden was right. They were five or so runs short. If only, if only. And suddenly now any of those lower teams can creep up on Chennai if everything goes well.

That's not a position they want to be in. They were up against Bangalore. That should have been a cakewalk, but no.

From the team diaries:
If one expected Dhoni to show his displeasure in the wake of this debacle, then the leader kept his counsel and his disappointment well concealed. Anyone in his shoes would have found it irresistible to go berserk. Building confidence is the key and the unit is well aware of the fact that the slip here has made the course a touch harder.

How exactly would Dhoni have gone berserk, then? Do tell. A rabies-like attack in which he writhed on the ground, foaming at the mouth? Or maybe he would have gone berserk with his bazooka. It really is quite irresistable to go berserk.


Anonymous said...

Just accept it Amy, Albie is a shit player, AB rocks!!!

richie_141 said...

AB, shouldn't you be praying or something??

Amy said...

No, just no, Anonymous. You clearly have it wrong.

Anonymous said...

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