Thursday, 14 May 2009

Don't disown Albie JUST LOVE HIM

I don't want to, but WTF. Can I bring myself to watch on with this delayed broadcast knowing he gets out for a measly 9.

Not just that but apparently Oram is gone too, and now Balaji. Chennai clearly want to lose this match.

I can't even muster up indignation.


Changed the title of the post to suit the new mood of the game. Go Albie, taking wickets like that. Especially Kallis'. When he wasn't actually out. I love wrong LBW calls.

Why does he insist on bowling marginally better than he bats? What kind of messed up inversion is that?

I've never been so happy to see Dravid fall. And I don't even feel bad either.


Maithreyi said...

Somebody please shoot this cricinfo commentator. He. is. pissing. me. off.

I'm off to stick my scalpels into a few more cadavers. Poking around formalin-hardened brains has got to be less depressing than following this debacle.

Amy said...

I'm glad someone mentioned that. I hadn't actually noticed it specifically but I was getting this general pissed off feeling from reading it and it took me a moment to realise the commentator was the reason behind it.

Have fun with your cadavers. What fun.

raj said...

looks like CSK are losing at last. I was getting tired of predicting CSK failures. Today, surely, the BRC are winning. I mean, losing to the test team? Albie, Oram, Dhoni? Muddleheads in the Middleorder? LOL. Will CSK qualify for semis, let alone winning the title? Ponder.

Anonymous said...

Albie can't bat.

Maithreyi said...

I love him. I think I love Balaji too, but hey. Old news.

Dhoni is rocking the house.

Taking into account our fielding, I don't think Chennai deserves the title, but it's wonderful to see our bowling pass some serious muster.

Just one bad over can undo all the good work, but hey, that's T20.

12th Man said...

Rosco is still in. That frightens me, especially after what he did in the last match.

Maithreyi said...

Oh, Balaji, Balaji, Balaji.

Fought well, but this game's over.

Pity the batting failed today like it did, but I guess a collapse was long overdue.

Rayden said...

Damn, just when i thought Mumbai was back in the IPL, Bangalore spoils the party. Whats wrong with Chennai?? Except for Hayden, no one is even close to being consistent. Dhoni's form and overall jaded look is a worry for the T20 world cup.

Esra_Star said...

I think Albie is just reminding Morne who's the better bowler. He doesn't have to prove it with the bat. Although he apparently played with a tummy bug, what a little legend.

RCB tried so hard to lose, what were they thinking?

Amy said...

Raj, hahahahaha. You spoke far too soon.

Anonymous, what is this? An Albie-hating blog? In fact, it's quite the opposite.

Damith S. said...

Annon is right Albie bowls better Amy s. How do you like that.

Amy said...

I see now that they were merely being respectful of Albie.

I don't mind if anyone praises Albie's bowling. Heck, go for it. I never do.