Friday, 15 May 2009

Just kidding, we love each other

What, you couldn't possibly have thought there was a bit of bad blood between Gayle and Strauss, could you? No, in fact, it's all just dandy between the two, and they've had a good laugh about the whole incident over a cup of tea at Windsor Castle. What's more, Straussy has gifted Chris his life savings and they're due to be married in a court in Canada sometime this year. That's how rosy things are between the two men. So very... rosy.

Says Strauss:
"I have a very good relationship with Gayle, I've had no problems with him. Everyone is entitled to his opinion and to be honest he may have been right about my Twenty20 form."
Translation: "We're very good friends and I do quite love his quirky ways. In fact, I'd go so far as to say everything he suggested about me being shit at T20 is not only relevant, but entirely correct. LOL."
Now, while I may see the benefit in mutually agreeing to lay off each other, I don't see why Andrew is running around insulting himself.
Gayle is keen to return the favour, but he passes on the opportunity to make a dig at his own abilities:
"I respect Strauss, we are all big men and the comments are part of the game. I have never had any conflict with him."
See, Strauss, that's how you do it. You claim to be best friends with the enemy, and then you go forth and talk about just how "big" you are. Instead of, you know, calling yourself a shit T20 player.

Meanwhile, Gayle's "misunderstanding" claim has become a whole lot more clear:
"I don't see myself playing test cricket for a long time. That's all I meant. We play a lot of cricket, there are injuries and sometimes you have to listen to your body."
Right, because the spirit of Shaun Tait has possessed his body. Last I checked, Gayle wasn't exactly drowning under injuries like the old man he claims to be. But I know what you're thinking? Is he happy to be here? Let's find out:
"Yes I am happy to be here. I want to try and rebuild West Indies cricket, we have lots of young players and hopefully I can share my experience with them."
So for anyone who said he was kicking his fellow countrymen with his comments, he's NOT, OKAY? He wants to share his experience with them. His experience of hating Test cricket.

As for Strauss, I'm not sure if Strauss is making a subtle dig at Gayle, but it does have undertones of bitchiness:
"Gayle is always a dangerous player and, hopefully, he will be slightly distracted but I will just concentrate on my job which is to make sure that all 11 England players are fully committed to the team."
I'm inclined to think he is having a go at Gayle, but only because that's more interesting. And as we know, they just love each other now.

Sunshines, lollipops and rainbows... complete with creepy droid kids.

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