Friday, 8 May 2009


The very clever individual who repeatedly called me Amy Winehouse (Amy - geddit? LOL) has had their wishes come true, but in a very indirect way.

Lalit Modi, Sunil Gavaskar and Ravi Shastri, along with some buddies back in India, have come to the decision that Kamran Khan should undergo 2 weeks of rehabilitation. When Kamran first heard the news, he was excited. Finally, a chance to spend 2 whole weeks alone with Herschelle Gibbs! This wasn't a punishment, it was a blessing.

But then someone told him it wasn't that kind of rehab and he broke down into tears.

Yeah, that's me. How did you guess?


achettup said...

For a minute there I thought this was a Shilpa Spotto... Two weeks to correct a bowling action? They might as well have given him two months, its not as if he'll be back in time for the tournament anyway.

Amy said...

Yes, Kamran will probably only get up to the stage where they attempt to weld your arm to a metal rod so it stays straight. After the two weeks, he'd leave and be a rod-armed mutant for life.