Saturday, 9 May 2009

Suite holders hit back

By now, you're probably well versed in the behind-the-scenes action taking place between the suite holders at various grounds across South Africa, and the ever belligerent IPL which demands these suites be emptied for their own use in return for free food and free tickets to the normal stands.

But as some of the matches move to Bloemfontein, the growing displeasure is being reported by Neil Manthorp, and as it turns out, even if suite holders are angered by the IPL's demands, it isn't the IPL getting hurt, but rather Free State Cricket of SA itself:
From the IPL side, they have insisted that, as a non negotiable requirement for the hosting of the 2 matches in Bloemfontein, they require access to all our Main Stand suites.
But one of the suite holders responds with something far from what is expected:
We undertake to remove all assets and goods of Lindsay Saker as quickly as possible, including all advertising boards. We shall also not be returning to the stadium.
So a loss of revenue for the South Africans, and a loss of a client in regard to suites. There were only going to be 2 matches hosted here anyway, and when the IPL moves out, the real loss will be to the South African local businesses themselves.

But for the IPL? Done and dusted.

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