Friday, 1 May 2009

Who is Graham Napier?

Alright, we all knew who he was anyway but I just needed to say it, that's all.

This is Graham Napier:

There are many who may believe Graham Napier became an overnight sensation when he achieved a world-record for sixes hit in a Twenty20 innings (16) on the evening of 24 June 2008. Yet such recognition has been a long time in the making for a cricketer who has always had the potential to thrill a crowd with either bat or ball.

Almost as bad as Jacques Kallis' site. At least he doesn't call himself unflappable.

In case you think Napier has become sidetracked by all that fame, think again:

He is now able to take the plaudits in his stride where many may have become sidetracked by such new-found fame. Since his 152 not out in the Twenty20 Cup against Sussex Sharks, life has been just that little bit different for the Colchester-born cricketer, such is the clamour for the attention of a much sought-after individual.

Fuck. What is this? What buffoon wrote this for him and what buffoon would let someone write this for him?

This is on his site, no joke.


rhoe said...

That's a buffoon's pic if there ever is one. Therefore he must have written it himself, oh humble soul.

Ps. Never heard of him.

Amy said...

He's English and has been shit for a few years now. That's all you need to know.

Oh, and he just slogs everything.