Friday, 1 May 2009

When Harbhajan is promoted up the order

You know the world is coming to an end.

I mean, seriously, who lets Harbhajan think that he's their first choice for being promoted up the order to save the team after the loss of a wicket? And after the loss of ONE wicket? I didn't think anyone would want to boost his ego anymore than it currently is.

Luckily, he gets out for 6.

Even Agarkar manages a wicket. And Tendulkar's wicket too. Maybe SRK leaving had something to do with it.

Go Duminy.

Is there anybody out there taking Graham Napier's record seriously?

How is Mumbai struggling against Kolkata? WTF.

Mumbai did well to get past 130. All thanks to Duminy, of course.

And apparently it's 148 Mumbai get to. Nice. Kolkata will collapse in the face of even that score.

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