Monday, 4 May 2009

Jacques in the Top 5

Q has the current leading run scorers in the IPL up on his blog. I've never really looked at these as they're updated. Last I heard AB was somewhere in the top 5, but thankfully, he dropped out quickly.

Leading Batsmen
1. Matthew Hayden (CSK) - 6 inn, 246 runs at 41.00
2. Suresh Raina (CSK) - 6 inn, 232 runs at 38.67
3. Brad Hodge (KKR) - 7 inn, 230 runs at 46.00
4. Jacques Kallis (RCB) - 7 inn, 220 runs at 36.67
5. Adam Gilchrist (DC) - 6 inn, 210 runs at 41.80

What the fuck is Jacques Kallis doing on that list? NOOOOOOOOOO the world is crumbling around me.

Devastating is what this is. Kallis has made a mockery of T20 cricket. Maybe people will actually start believing he's a real T20 batsman. That would be the worst day of my life.

And for anyone who says his figures speak for themselves, SO DO HIS BOWLING FIGURES.


Prafs said...

Kallis is one the leading run scorers in a t20 league.
AB is all over the place.
ranjith fernando is doing commentary all the time
Jesse's obsessed with first over dimissals
Albie doesn't look like he could even hit a beach ball
Slinga's gettin hit for sixes.
i'm lightin my last cigar

Esra_Star said...

The saffa's are so confused they've named Jacques in the T20 world cup squad. The world clearly is ending.

Q said...

AB was there Amy.. he was 3rd in my Q1 report..

Amy said...

Prafs, the apocolypse, that's what I was saying.

Esra, I know. They were debating whether to have him on the side a few weeks ago and now it's certain. Disturbing.

Q, I knew it wasn't just a nightmare. Lucky he got that duck or he might have forced his way back into the top 5.