Saturday, 9 May 2009

What Makes Kings XI Special?

From their site:

I can't help but love the orange cap superimposed on Shaun Marsh's head, and the wannabe gangster Sreesanth. Not to mention Yuvi's "awesome skills".

Irfan Pathan, top bloke, has the very best fan policy of all:
I believe in being nice to the fans… win or lose. It is very important. These are small things… they don’t expect too much. Maybe an autograph or a photo… speak nicely to them and they are happy.
That's what we expect from top blokes.

And, if you're interested, a written piece from the one and only Ranadeb Bose. Aside from the misspelling of Brett Lee's name, he really does have good English. No wonder people considered the possibility that he could have been a certain someone from the outset.


Prafs said...
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Prafs said...

its funny how he mentions KKR are going to be a tough team to face.
For what... the wooden spoon?

Amy said...

He must really just be saying a huge "fuck you" to KKR. Rubbing it in their face very subtly. I like that idea.

12th Man said...

KKR has passed on their (mis)fortunes to Kings XI by trading Ranadeb Bose.

KKR are good enough to finish last even without him.

Amy said...

They'd like to think Bose has something to do with it, instead of the fact they're just plain shit.