Saturday, 9 May 2009

English Winners

Never thought I'd put those two words next to each other, did you? But I have. Because winning by 10 wickets is a bloody good way to start things, even if a lot of that was caused by an incredibly mediocre performance by the West Indies.

Although I hear they were a little worried hearing they'd have to make 32 to win. Knowing their royal collapses, that was enough to put a little doubt into their minds.

I just really like Ravi Bopara. He certainly doesn't look like the other Number 3s they could have gone with, and he isn't quite so likely to forget which team he's on and guide the ball to the stumps either. Plus, he can bowl a bit and field well enough.

I'm pegging Bopara to be one of the main batsmen to stand up in the Ashes, and possibly KP or Strauss as the other. Pietersen seems a little more likely given his past performances.

I'm also revising my hopes for the outcome of this series. I want England to convincingly beat the Windies just so we can crush them irreparably in the Ashes series.

In other news, Phil Hughes has fallen for 195 against Surrey. Hahaha, England are fucked, come July.

"England. You're fucked."

Go midgets.


Anonymous said...

yea England are stuffed. lol Phil is going to kick ass

Amy said...

Anon, you really are reading my mind.

GoodCricketWicket said...

But how is young Philip at proper spin bowling? Bearing in mind you don't have that in Australia any more...

Bopara seems to have a certain self-confidence about him, which means that most English fans will take a dislike to him, especially as he has displaced the lovely, decent chap that is Ian Bell.

Amy said...

English players must learn to thrive in a world where their countrymen hate them. I'm sure Bopara will do well enough.

And I do believe England are a little deficient in great spinners too. After Monty, you seem to have lost it a bit. I'm sure Phil can play spin well enough to continue winning. Because that's what he is, a winner. SA thought they had him, but they were yet to find out exactly what he was capable of.

Cue evil laugh.

Amy said...

Although, I seem to have omitted Swann from my memory. Interesting.

I will give him credit for being a decent spinner. Don't think Phil will struggle against him, though. He might get out to him, of course, because he's a LHB.

GoodCricketWicket said...

Given the squad selection for the 2nd test against WI, I retract ALL of my recent comments. Ian Bell has been recalled. The Ashes are lost...but at least he'll look pretty when he gets out for thirty.

Amy said...

I'm trying to muffle my laughter at this new development, but find myself unable to. This is too perfect.

GoodCricketWicket said...

You're not doing a very good job - I can hear you from here.