Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Why MPV will play the Ashes

"I've just got a bit of a feeling that they might want to get Vaughan back into the set-up and they might pick Harmison for when we get there."
Knowing the ECB, that might just happen. When predicting their next move, it's best not to go with the logical, strategic option and to instead revert to a "going with the old dogs" mentality.

"So I think their side might actually shape up closer to the side of 2005 or 2007 than we actually think it might."
Aside from the fact that sentence structure is just mad and he's not really making a point there at all if you read closely, Ricky thinks England might have an '05 looking side on their hands. At the same time, he thinks Australia's team is a "good team" and not a "great team". My god man, support your fucking countrymen. Where is the cockiness of old, I ask? You have evil gremlin midgets on your side now. Anything is possible.

But it is just all class to lump all of England's self-appointed chances in as "those guys we've played before":

"Otherwise their batting is fairly similar with Pietersen, Collingwood, Strauss, Cook, those guys."
What's more he calls Graham Onions "lively" twice in the same sentence, and actually acknowledges Bopara's century. We're making progress.

"Onions, he's a lively fellow... Mmm, tasty... Onions, he's a lively fellow."


The Old Batsman said...

All part of the great Ashes tradition of the Australian captain trying to pick the England side. It usually works, too. Steve Waugh was the master.

SixSixEight said...

MPV not a chance! Nice try at sabotage - but this time round we dont need it!

'05 squad? Who is the new Simon Jones?

Amy said...

OB, you have to forgive Ponting. He's a Tasmanian, the poor soul. No matter how hard we try to keep them locked up...

SSE, I believe they're going to have a dummy of Jones to take his place, remote controlled by Flower on the sidelines. Ingenious plan to restore England to Ashes success, really.

Stu said...

And I can't wait for that brilliant English tradition of proclaiming the Australia side to be the "worst side ever to tour" just before we win the first Test by an innings and several hundred runs ;-)

Amy said...

Strauss will be sure to get a few words in about that. He seems to be quite the expert in subtly sledging the opposition lately. Ponting will respond by spitting some more, just to throw them off a little.