Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Blue Moon

Once you'd watched the first few overs of KKR batting, you'd have thought they were up to their usual tricks. You know, "sacrificing" their game for the good of the other teams, giving the other teams an easy win to help them on their way to the top. In fact, I was all too ready to pass a motion to have someone put KKR out of their misery.

I'd forgotten about Dave Hussey. He'd come back from the series against Pakistan and if there was one person who could literally change the course of the game it was him, no joke. And he did, looking quite pissed off when he got out. I would too.

Baz batted out the whole 20 overs. How's that for anchoring? He also seemed to be smiling an awful lot which can't be a good sign when someone like Brad Hodge mysteriously goes missing. Not that I'm complaining, but I wouldn't be surprised if Baz finally cracked and minced someone up for breakfast, namely Hodge.

Ishant Sharma has had an attack of the voodoo and has taped over the number and name on his shirt. What the fuck? Is there something I'm missing out on because that is weird as shit and also kind of creepy. It's as though he sat at his table manically taping over the number, rocking back and forth on his chair. Maybe his Adam's apple mutated and became an evil person of its own, or maybe it possessed Ishant. You never know with these Adam's apples.

And if I ever have to listen to Ramiz, Siva and Danny Morrison for ONE MORE MATCH, I will kill myself. It was enough to make me change the channel and watch an inane comedy about a call centre in Mumbai with Sanjeev Bhaskar of Kumars fame, which really wasn't that good but was certainly a welcome relief from Siva's slide antics and all the Danny Morrison fat jokes.


Q said...

Sanjeev Bhaskar is of Goodness Gracious Me fame :-)

Lulu said...

It was pretty ordinary :-(

The show, that is.

Anonymous said...

Ditto here. Siva, Kameez Pajama (From FIP blog) and Danny M just suck. heavens sake they shud either buzz off or improve their own skills.

KKR have just lot the plot. Nothing working for them. if they were good with batting, the bowling of Ishant Sharma let them down.

Form of Ishant Sharma worries me. He wont be a sure starter in the T20 WC. Success of RP Singh makes his job even harder more than his own low key form.

Anonymous said...

Sam, he's 20 and he has got a lot to learn. It is imperative that he sees enough failures to that he can learn from them. We have enough bowlers for the World T20 who are playing well at the moment.

I was supporting KKR today Amy, for this was a match which no one bothered about.

Esra_Star said...

You know the commentary is bad when Ryan Campbell and Anthony Hudson wish Siva lost his mike for good on the way down the slide!

Poor Baz, I wouldn't be suprised if he's gone postal although he could have sacrificed Ishant or Agarkar instead of Hodge.

Rayden said...

Thank god KKR lost. Not that I am a Bangalore supporter - in fact they just went ahead of Mumbai Indians again but after the news came out on andy bichel racially abusing Agarkar this team really needs to lose all games badly so that their owner would finally take some action against those responsible for the debacle.

I feel bad for D Hussey though. Good guy. Hope he does well in all matches but KKR lose.

Mahek said...

Really sad to see McCullum suffer the effects of Buchanan's stupidity. I used to give the Aussie the benefit of the doubt during his tenure with the national team but it seems he's every bit as useless as Warne said. How do you play Henriques when you have Mendis, Langevedlt and Mortaza? And Angelo Mathews? I might as well sign up to play for them.

Leela said...

And if I ever have to listen to Ramiz, Siva and Danny Morrison for ONE MORE MATCH, I will kill myself.
Please dont do that! We need you. I was tempted to make some vodoo dolls of those 3 men you mentioned; however, they are so blah.. that even making their dolls seems like an exercise in yawn-zzz...

On a diff note Ishant and the apple need to be rested.

Stani Army said...

I hate IPL

Amy said...

Q, and Kumars at No. 42. That was quite good.

Lulu, I thought so too. A friend of mine reviewed it for the papers, and he thought so too. I guess he hadn't watched it in the dire circumstances I did.

Sam, and if Fake is to believed, KKR have been told to lay off playing Ishant for a useless cause. Haha, brilliant.

12th, so was I, to be honest. Baz and Dave set it up well enough and I just wanted Baz to go home not having been broken by the IPL.

Esra, no Hodge would piss anyone off enough to make them want to eat him for breakfast.

Rayden, David will go away from this not having cared a bit about the situation. He wasn't there from the start like other unfortunate individuals.

Mahek, don't want to reveal too much but I might be getting a game for KKR soon too. Top secret.

Leela, that's like resting two whole people.

SA, just because you're not an entertainment crack whore like Lalit.