Thursday, 7 May 2009

Sickness Affects All

Even England, even the West Indies. On the one hand, they actually did a hell of a job to get 7 wickets on the first day, but on the other hand, hello dropped catches.

Amusing. Ravi Bopara is the only one avoiding all this sickness. His century is what did it for England. Looks like that No. 3 spot isn't going to be going to any of the oldies anytime soon. I'm really liking Bopara as well, but I suppose that's more so because of his maiden test century in Barbados.

John Buchanan also has the sickness. It's spreading fast. He wants Gilly or Warnie heading the T20 World Cup team. For fuck's sake, leave them be. They're retired and I think they're pretty damn okay with that. In any case, I don't know why he's offering his own advice anyway, considering how big a failure he has made of the Knight Riders.

But unfortunately, the most sick person of all is me. In the past 24 hours, I seem to have come down with the mother of all colds, leading me to believe it is perhaps the flu. And not the swine flu, although I wouldn't be surprised this is some sort of karmic payback for making that swine flu joke last night when I sneezed.

So if I'm mysteriously absent or just plain crazy, fear not. I'm just in my own personal hell. My eyes are welling up with tears right now, but not because I'm sad. Instead it's the darn sickness making my eyes water like crazy. Or maybe it's Graham Onions hiding in my house.


raj said...

oh! Get well soon Amy. Afterall, you dont want to miss today's thrashing of CSK by Prince Yuvraj's marauding army dont you? Watch out for a Yuvraj special, with Sanga, Mahela, Irfan, Abdullah, Powar, Piyush and other minions of the Prince walking all over Dhoni and his boys today. I hope Balaji is not selected today - if he is selected, he is in for the mother of all thrashings by Yuvraj and his team. Not that any CSK bowler would wish to be selected today. Today's the KingsXI day. Yeah, I can feel it. Dhoni's team to resume losing today.

raj said...

And my man Warne's team to win and go to the top of the table, and a couple of wins away from qualifying for the semis. What a quick turnaround. Looks like Rajasthan'll be the first to qualify for Semis again. Even if not the first to do so, they will squeeze through into the semis.

Amy said...

Ha, you seem to be forgetting the awesomeness of CSK which undoubtedly outweighs anything Punjab have (barring Irfan of course. He's right up there).

12th Man said...

Hope you did not contract it from me on the web. I had watery eyes and was sneezing for most part of the last week.

rhoe said...

Im sick also. Im watching the RR/BRC match in preference to the incomparable Test Cricket.

Although I think I may be sickened by the pathetic Windies. Does that count, by chance?

Amy said...

12th, thanks for telling me. I blame you.

Rhoe, they're passing the sickness onto you too. Spreads faster than swine flu. Having said that, I am now going to become even more sick.