Friday, 1 May 2009

Chennai can win, Deccan can lose

Were you having the time of your life, Patrick Swayze-style? I certainly was.

First off, the DD vs. DC match. Aside from Ravi Shastri's hilarious "Get ready to ROCK Pretoria" to set us off, it was a bit of a boring affair after Gilly and Gibbs left the scene early on. Ryan Campbell leering at Deccan cheerleaders only put me off further.

Not to mention the constant music being blasted over the loudspeakers after every boundary or wicket: "Go, go, go, go, go." We've already heard it for many matches. How many more times are we going to be forced to endure this?

Everytime the commentators say "That was a really good stop" you don't even need to look to know it's AB. Fuck. Thank god he got out for 5. That was funny. I laughed.

Funny Moments of the Match:
Something I have noticed but not really commented on is that Ashish Nehra runs up like a penguin on crack.

Rohit Sharma flailing around on the ground like a dying turtle.

Dirk Nannes looking like he'll take out his axe any minute now.

The fact that Anthony Hudson is apparently a legspinner. What a joke.

Danny Morrison being irritating as fuck.

Sehwag's stitches.

Dwayne Smith going shit crazy and hitting Dan the Man for 16 off his over, then making Amit Mishra go for 20 the next over.

Mark Nicholas thinking Dirk has "attitude" about him, and that "There's a lot of words I could think of [to describe him] which could not be broadcast."

Lalit Modi sitting like a king on his throne.

Chennai vs. Rajasthan match:
YOU KNOW IT. Go Albie, strike rate of 400. I can twist facts my way too.

Raina was the man of the night. Even if I felt sorry for his 98 which the big screen showed as 100, it was a little funny. I mean that is pretty fucking funny if you think about it. Raina celebrates his 100, and is out next ball. He came back later and picked up a few wickets, taking some great catches too. That really shut Ryan Campbell up.

And who was actually bowling well today? Hint: Starts with 'A' and ends with 'lbie'.

With the new guy being hit for a few in the first over, Albie came in second over and worked some magic. Graeme Smith is hilarious. I enjoyed watching him get out to Albie. How often do you see that normally? NEVER.

Then there was Swapnil Asnodkar, the little man who's finding these South African pitches difficult to deal with. What a way to go, hitting your stumps like that. Almost the funniest moment of the match. The real funniest moment was Warnie slamming the ground in frustration when he couldn't get any balls away later in the innings.

And did the commentators really say Dhoni was going to have a bowl? I'm sure I wasn't imagining that.

But the most annoying moment of the match was most certainly the referral of the Jadeja catch. Fuck, that pissed me off. Where is the Brian Lara spirit? YOU WALK OFF WHEN THE FIELDER SAYS THEY CAUGHT YOU. The end. You don't hang around and insist on a referral which then shrinks the 3rd umpire's balls and has him give a 'Not Out' decision. That was rubbish. Parthiv clearly had his hand under it but the freeze frame which shows less dimension than live replay apparently gave the 3rd umpire a reason to doubt the catch. It was taken, pure and simple.

Whatever. Chennai won and now they can keep winning. They just need to win most of the matches that remain to make it to the semifinals. Can they do it? Albie looked in form. One of the commentators said he should open the batting, and I think Leela commented on this too. But my god, that would be a brilliant idea. Hello powerplay. Hello Albie. And hello the chance to come in without a shitload of pressure on your head dragging you down like it did Yusuf Pathan.



rauldegr8 said...

why do you find a batsman's dismissal to be a hilarious almost every time?

Case in point- AB getting out for 5 and u feeling amused

Amy said...

I was amused because it was AB getting out.

And the majority of dismissals I don't comment on because I don't find them
a) funny
b) devastating

So there you go. If out of one match, and 20 dismissals, I find 3 funny, then it's fine by me.

rauldegr8 said...

again, why were you amused by AB getting out?

his fans feel disappointed and his detractors feel vindicated. Where exactly do you stand, with respect, to him to invoke such kind of an odd reaction? :)

rauldegr8 said...

the wrong positioning of the commas might change the sense of the question. the second comma must have been after "with respect to him"

Amy said...

This is where I stand. Cheers.

rauldegr8 said...

nice!, everything's crystal clear now

Indophile said...

Poor Raina he was kept in dark about his two digit score till the end...Well their clown Freddie is back to where he belongs i.e surgical table and Chennai are rocking again ..I still can't believe that RR won the IPL1 last year

Amy said...

Rauldegr, I'm glad :)

Indophile, they're missing Tanvir and Watson more than words can say this year. They were really important in their win last year.

Esra_Star said...

Albie is back! The look on Graeme's face whe he got out was priceless! Campbell and Hudson have to be the worst commentating combination in any sport in history of the world.

Amy said...

Don't question Hudson. He's a leggie.

I wish I could roll my eyes enough.

Lulu said...

"And who was actually bowling well today? Hint: Starts with 'A' and ends with 'lbie'."

Not Albie Morkel, surely? ...

Amy said...

How did you guess?!