Sunday, 3 May 2009

Riders might do it

Did you see Brad Hodge out there? When he came out it was just "yeah, here we go" and then off they went. I was half-expecting him to punch Morne van Wyk's head in before the last ball, but he seemed friendly enough. Maybe the six that followed did it.

If Kolkata bowl well, they can win this match. I don't even care to be honest, but it would be better if they won the match because the charts are evened up a little. Plus, it would mean Punjab don't knock Chennai out of the top 4.

Looking at the rankings, the IPL so far has been a very close affair. There's not that great a difference between the first and last teams, if you exclude KKR of course. It's still anyone's game and so the final four will likely come down to a matter of net run rates. Mumbai and Chennai are heading this race. If there's ever a battle for 4th spot with either of them involved, things will swing in their favour.

Mumbai will win the match against Bangalore.

And meanwhile, Shane Watson is hitting 50s. Go expressive hair.


Esra_Star said...

Why is Katich playing? He's like Kallis just not as amusing. Is Hodge in the Oz T20 side or did we forget him like Dirk Nannes?

C'mon RCB. With Bouch and ROFL in the team anything is possible!

Maithreyi said...

Oh NOES. I was really hoping KKR could win this one. Getting tired of all the KKR-antagonism, as much of an SRK sceptic I've been all my life.

Chennai will be pushed into the bottom half of the table again today. :(

It's good that we have a great NRR going, though. We had a pathetic one last year, and that very nearly cost us a place in the semis.

Srishti said...

so, bangalore won. very, very comfortably. wtf?

Indophile said...

Bangalore won while sleepwalking through the last 10 overs ..Uttapa atlast after a decade batted. Liquor Baron should now understand that 1.5 millions are not needed for winning matches..But overall a depressing day well most of the IPL2 is turning out to be a disaster just for one simple reason of being a KKR fan

Amy said...

Esra, I actually like Kato because he's entirely crazy and gets the job done. Plus, he choked a dear Pup.

Maithreyi, bottom four once more. Boo.

Srishti, I agree. What the fuck? They're upsetting the charts.

Indophile, I wonder if they'll be so eager to have KP in the teamnext year. hehe.