Monday, 4 May 2009

Strike while the iron is hot

That phrase has never applied as much as it has now.

Deccan Chargers, leaders in the competition, coming off back-to-back losses.
Chennai, far from the best team in the competition, coming off back-to-back wins.

If there was ever a time Chennai could win, now is it. I'm saddened to say I've almost given up hope that Albie will go shit crazy and smash the ball to smithereens. It hasn't happened for a while now, even if you discount the IPL. He'll probably get a fifth of the runs in this season than he did last year. Sort of embarrassing for everyone involved, really.

My only consolation is that his younger freakier brother hasn't had a chance to outshine him yet. It's bad enough dealing with the presence of AB, I don't think I could handle a possibly in-form Morne either.

So Chennai, I don't really know what kind of a city you are, but you have an okay IPL franchise and you have a rather good South African all-rounder in your midst who is "pathetic", according to Dhoni (okay, well, Dhoni called himself pathetic, but Albie is therefore pathetic by proxy). If you win this game, there's more of a chance Albie will kick AB's ass in the finals and not just drop out of the competition all together. There's even a chance that George Bailey will get a game and stop smiling so there's always that to consider too. Even Tassies deserve to be treated like human beings, even if they are the scum and inbreds* of Australia.

I know you'll be thinking, "We can't let a team with a rapist through to the semis" and I completely understand. I wouldn't want to do the same either. But you'll be letting Matty Hayden play for longer, or bully for longer, however you wish to put it. Plus, you'll get to see more of Murali's eyes and that's always a funny thing. Even if the team shattered the hopes of my best friend Napoleon Einstein, they're still only at a 5 on the evil scale. Dhoni brings it down a little. You want him to succeed, right?

So do your bit, Chennai, and beat Church today, both literally and metaphorically.

*Proven by extensive scientific research conducted on Ricky Ponting, so don't you "human rights" me.


Lulu said...

I'm going for Deccan. I hope they bring Laxman back. They clearly can't win without him.

Amy said...

I thought it was a brave move to drop him, and at the time it was a justified one.

Do you really want them to win? Is that where your heart lies or does it lie somewhere in the vicinity of ALBIE'S BAT?

raj said...

ha! Today I can gloat without fear that I will be disproved. Chennai beating Deccan? Only in your dreams, Amy, only in your dreams(and Maithreyo's and leela's !).
No way they are putting it past Adam C Gilchrist, the sainted aunt. There are atleast two teams which one can safely gloat over and be confident that they wont let you down - one of them is DC. DC all the way today. ACG to become the first IPL batsman to score two centuries in IPL. A drubbing for Chennai. At the best, a close loss for Chennai. or if Gods are kind, a washed out match and one point for Chennai. If the match is completed, then 2 safe points for Deccan Chargers is what you'll see today.

raj said...

Laxman is deadwood. Adam is smart so he dropped him.

Lulu said...

Yes, that is where my heart lies. I went for Deccan last year too you know. I looked quite the fool...

But this year, we'll show them...*shakes fist*

And I do hope all the boys have fun tonight :)

Amy said...

Raj, HAHAHAHAHA. We won.

Lulu, I certainly had lots of fun... watching Chennai win.

raj said...

Amy, well, wht can I say? How can Deccan be 1/3? It is not real, not real. Who can imagine Gilly and Gibbs going for a duck each? The universe's not fair :-(
Nevertheless, I will back DC and RR to show greater character, and sneak through the closely packed top table. Its all close and all about character now - and I will back teams led by Warne and Gilly to show that and sneak through to the semis. From there on, one step to final for both. I'll back them there. Warne vs Gilly in final - tough to call. If Gilly gets going, no magic by Warne will work. Else, Warne's team will sail through

Amy said...

I think DC will almost certainly be in the top 4, but RR are putting themselves ina tough place, especially considering their NRR. They're certainly in contention for 4th spot, but the way they've been batting might let them down in a close competition.

raj said...

Amy, once Watson's back, RR will breeze through. I think Watson's the big difference for them this year. Though he cannot bowl, I think Pathan and Watson can chase down 160-180 all by themselves. So post Watson's return, any team that wants to beat RR must atleast score 190+ runs. Very unlikely. RR are my pick to win the trophy again. Gilly-led DC are next. With Kumar and Mahela quietly orchestrating from the behind, Yuvraj who may explode any time, Purple Cap holder Abdulla-Pathan pair to lead the bowling, and 2 very good spinners in Powar-Chawla, KXI are the dark horses. They'd be my third pick for the title. After that, it could be any of DD, CSK, MI or BRC

Amy said...

What, no KKR? Surely you haven't lost faith in them so quickly! :)