Monday, 8 June 2009

How KP saved England

Boy, they sure were glad to have him back. Well, him and Dimi and Graeme Swann. But KP's 58 off 38 balls gave them a shitload of confidence, and Adil Rashid coming on later also did a good job of containing runs.

Funnily enough, Stuart Broad didn't have all that bad of a match. In fact, I'd go so far as to say he had a good one. 3 wickets, lowest economy rate of England's bowlers, this:

I think he's pretty pleased with himself.

England are through to the Super Eights based on their NRR. The breathe a collective sigh of relief because they were so damn close to not making it that this escape from embarrassment will be more than well received. It was really a matter of one match that would have decided their fate. Nice compact format, this World T20.

There's a pretty funny photo of KP's dismissal:

Good one, Ajmal.


Esra_Star said...

Broad looks like an 11 year old school boy!

I really wanted Stani's mob to win so England were out of the tournament but it seems they decided to field a proper side for once.

boncam said...
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boncam said...

Collingwood has a blog on yahoo

Amy said...

Esra, I wanted England to win because they're a pretty entertaining side to watch, if only to see them fuck up big time.

Boncam, interesting blog, I didn't know about it before. Thanks for the link.

12th Man said...

England are safe. But will Australia begin their early Ashes preparations?

Amy said...

Ricky said if they lost, they'd have nothing to do for 2 weeks. And he said it as though it was a bad thing.

Everyone knows he'd be secretly pleased for the extra prep time.