Sunday, 21 June 2009

The Other Final

It just dawned on me that I hadn't said anything about the women's final to be held today which I actually hold a large interest in. New Zealand versus England, both great teams, very in-form and ready to KICK ASS.


Yes, they are. So who are you going for? England have the services of the rather amazing Claire Taylor, and New Zealand are hopping around with Amy S. the cricketer. It's obvious who I'm going for because it would be criminal to ditch my own people. Or person. Anyway, the Kiwi thing also comes into effect so I am rendered incapable of supporting anyone but them, but all the best to England too because they're smashing.

And yes, I did just say 'smashing'.

Go the Kiwis, go the Poms also, and go WOMEN'S CRICKET. It's bloody brilliant to watch. Are you with me? Yeah? Yeah? Yeah.

Grinding men to a pulp.


Chris said...

Go womens cricket! I agree.

Esra_Star said...

I'm excited. The semi finals were better than half the men's matches!

Stani Army said...

Nice try lovey but you don't fool me Amy "S". "It just dawned on me that"....hahaha....that you're playing in a final?

I think George said it best when he said: "fool me once, shame on......shame on you. Fool me....I can't get fooled again"

Es, I agree, half the men's matches were as good as or better than the wome's semi.

Why do you want women's cricket to go Chris? I think it's cool except for the fact that when I see them diving in the field, I get the urge to almost wanna put out my hand to help them up and ask them if they're ok. I have to look away sometimes....

Bringbackmichaelvaughan said...

Go Lankans. It would be funny if Pakistan put in one of their horror performances. Now wouldn't that piss off all the Saffers like AB, Smith and Kallis. I hope the Lankans thrash them.

Rob said...

I don't really like it - it seems like poor county cricket (which I dpn't like either). It will get better though.

Amy said...

Chris, I just spelt your name as 'Christ'. Something is very wrong.

Esra, they were. Especially the New Zealanders, they're probably some of the most powerful female cricketers out there.

Stani, it was a great final. I tried so hard but we lost.

B, spoke too soon.

Rob, women's cricket? Because they lack the strength and power of men, they have to find ways around it and that generally involves playing some really sweet shots and getting their technique right. I used to play for NSW in high school and it took a lot of work to be really competitive like the guys were in their own tournament.

Stani Army said...

You made the highest score though Ames.

And those tarts only won because they have loads of money chucked at them. Just wait until the Asian bloc start giving a toss about their women. They'll be up there Ames.

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To be part of final match its a wonderful feel. Go girls go you should be part of next final as well. Best of luck.

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I liked this other final than the original to be honest and I think you really grasped the topic of what was left behind

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