Saturday, 6 June 2009

"We were only joking"

"Can't you take a bit of a joke, everyone?" asks Collingwood at the press conference after the shock loss to the Netherlands.

"We were just having a laugh," Broad tells reporters. "Jimmy thought it'd be funny to give the Dutch fellows a win and take it from there."

"Graeme and Kevin were at home blowing up party balloons to celebrate the planned loss to the Netherlands," Colly continues. "Straussy was over too. They were watching the match on telly and having a bit of a laugh."

"That expression on my face?" Stuart is surprised. "Oh, at the end? Which one was it again?" The reporters oblige him.

"Oh, that," Broad says as he views the photograph. "Completely planned."

Beside him, Collingwood nods. "Completely planned. Bring on the Pakistani boys, I say."


Stani Army said...

Bring on the Pakistani boys indeed!

...or bring on the girls if you want...even they'd bloody beat 'em.

Amy said...

Because the women's team was already inferior to the men's? Stani!

Stani Army said...

As soon as I had clicked on "publish comment", I knew you would come back with that Ames...and you should know me better than that.

...not inferior. Just smaller more delicate muscles, made for the gentler things in life as oppose to smashing 5lbs of leather out of a ground and stuff.

Anonymous said...

You know we weren't serious, you know. You know when I said we, you know, decided to, you know, play Rashid instead of Swanny "in a game like this", you know, where we were expecting to, you know, beat the Netherlands badly, you know, but amm... you know, these things happen, you know. We were shit. You know.

Poor Colly. And Nasser didnt allow him to just run away. Kept asking the same questions.

Anonymous said...

They can't survive without their SA traitor.

Amy said...

Stani, I know a woman who regularly bowls over 140 km/hr. How's that for awesome?

Anon 1, hahaha, I agree. Poor Colly. If that's what he came out with, I'm sure anyone would sympathise with him.

Anon 2, true. KP saved them in that match against Scotland too.

Stani Army said...

Ames, I know he has a woman's name does Albie, and breasts to be proud of, but he is actually a man. Bad example Ames.

Amy said...

Well, I actually meant to say 120 km/hr, but made a typo. If there's a woman who can bowl 140 and nobody knows about her yet, I'll be damned.

As it turns out, Albie's around the 140 mark too.

aa said...